Robotic laser more accurate than a doctor

Robotics, 3D Machine Vision, Real-Time Control

This innovative project marks a significant leap forward, combining advanced software engineering with precision robotics to enhance medical procedures.

One of the key points of the project was the implementation of the real-time control of several robots. A ROS (Robot Operating System) framework was used to unify the interfaces and make use of its data structures, however different types of controllers for each robot were developed using their C/C++ APIs.

The integration of a 3D time-of-flight camera is the other pivotal part of this project. Camera provides continuous tracking of the patient’s current position which gives the system the ability to maintain fixed distance to the patient and correct angle. The ability to accurately track and adjust to the movement of the body in real-time greatly enhances the system’s usability and safety.

For the front-end a Qt-based application was developed as well as a robot management layer that handled connection to various robots.

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