Control Systems for Science and Industry

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Device Development

We help build novel scientific equipment that must exceed predecessors in functionality and performance, for example providing higher energies (e.g. in particle accelerators), shorter pulses (e.g. radiation sources, lasers), higher resolutions (e.g. detectors), better positioning precision (e.g. motion control systems), smaller/lighter devices, etc. In addition some novel devices being developed are the first of their kind (e.g. quantum computers, fusion devices, plasma wakefield accelerators, etc.) and employ completely new concepts and ideas.

Device Integration

Scientific experiments and industrial applications require integration of multiple devices in order to automate the measurements, manufacturing processes, etc. Interplay of multiple devices requires reliable implementation of communication protocols, manipulation of potentially vast sets of data, functionality that emerge only when multiple devices are working together, exposure of functionalities via user interfaces, etc.

Additionally the automation often includes real-time operation that runs either on robust industrial platforms or custom made hardware built to serve a specific device.


A large number of devices comprising a complex system need to be tuned and calibrated very precisely in order to achieve high performance requirements. In addition analog devices (e.g. detectors) or mechanical devices (e.g. motion systems) are often part of such complex systems and can introduce limiting uncertainties in operation. In order to commission such a complex system the understanding of operation and limitation of each layer in the technology stack is required.

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