AI and Machine Learning

Apply ChatGPT Securely to Your Data!

Save time by automating tasks ChatGPT can do instead of you

ChatGPT is great - if only I could use it in my business environment where privacy and security are crucial. I would automate simpler tasks saving me time and focus for more important and exciting topics.

Run private ChatGPT

Secure and private usage of ChatGPT and other available large language model. Besides offering private usage of ChatGPT models, we can also develop custom models trained specifically for your domain or use cases.

Integration into Teams, Slack, Office, Confluence, ...

Instead of learning a new tool, we integrate private models into your existing workflows. Be it Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, Outlook, Slack, Confluence, or something else, we can bring the power of ChatGPT to where you already are.

Try our demo (in Slovenian language)

We prepared two databases from different fields: Slovenian road regulations and collection of documents about Slovenian Energy sector. Additionally, you can also upload your own file and ask our system for information in it.

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